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VíM,Že sE tOmUhLe bLoGu MoC neVěNuJu.... DíKy mOc, žE sEm PoŘáD ChOdÍtE
ByLo tADy Už 1300 lIdIčEk... To jE sUpEr!!

Návštěvnost ( 17.03. - 24.03.2008 )

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Pondeli: 11
Utery: 13
Streda: 12
Ctvrtek: 8
Patek: 13
Sobota: 16
Nedele: 11

Celkem: 84

RoBeRt HoFfMaN - ŽiVoToPiS

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Menší životopis

Robert Hoffman se narodil v Gainesvill, Florida, syn Charlotty a Roberta Hoffmana. Odstěhoval se se svou rodinou do Madison, Alabama když mu bylo sedm let. Má jednoho mladšího bratra, Chrise a dvě mladší sestry, Ashley a Lauren.

Robert objevil své nadšení pro tanec poté, co viděl Michaela Jacksona v " Thriller". Měl několik menších rolí jako tanečník v několika filmech, včetně: "From Justin to Kelly", "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights", "Coach Carter" a "You Got Served".




Návštěvnost (10.03. - 16.03.2008)

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Pondeli: 10
Utery: 13
Streda: 10
Ctvrtek: 5
Patek: 11
Sobota: 24
Nedele: 4

Celkem: 77

Interview with Didier Drogba ( anglicky )

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Drogba skin


Didier Drogba will rarely have a more busy week this season than his current one.
Between 'letting his feet do the talking' at Middlesbrough and at home to Schalke - Avram Grant's description for our striker's goals and great all-round displays in those two games - he has been much in demand to both talk and have his picture taken.
On Tuesday, prior to training at Stamford Bridge in preparation for our Champions League game, Didier did the rounds of central London's radio station studios - appearing live on BBC Radios One and Two and recording an interview for Capital Radio for broadcast this weekend.
The purpose was to promote the newly-released Skin single on which he appears and its central anti-racism message.
Back at the Bridge and before training, Didier was on the pitch cutting a very different figure than the one normally seen. Standing next to him was former England rugby captain Martin Johnson, both in American Football attire to help promote this weekend's NFL fixture at Wembley. For once, Didier was looking up!
Following training today at a Cobham still smiling from the Schalke win, Didier was back at the Bridge, this time to launch a soon-to-be-released DVD on his life so far.
Between all this, he still found time to talk to chelseafc.com about life as one of world football's most famous names, if indeed he regards himself as such.
'Of course I notice it, that more people have been asking me to do things,' he agrees. 'The good thing is I can choose what I want and don't want to do.
'I hope I am going in the good way with my career. The most important thing is to stay at the top. This is the most difficult thing and I try to do my best.'
Finishing highest scorer last season in what many believe is the pre-eminent league in European football was always going to elevate Didier into the top bracket of players.
His recent nominations for both World and European Footballer of the Year reflect that. He finished 10th in the European one last season and must be a good bet to improve on that when the results are announced on 2 December.
He knows however that he has a battle on his hands to retain the Barclays Premier League Golden Boot.
'It is very important to me but I am a bit late as I didn't play for one month. I wasn't really fit for a while but now I feel fine and I am coming back. I will give my best to win this as well as also to win the league title.
'Being away for the African Cup of Nations means I will have to score three goals every game until January,' he decides. 'And that is not easy to do!
'This season will be difficult for me to win it but I won't give up. And for the title race, we still need to focus on winning games even if I and some other players are not here.'
Didier's Middlesbrough strike was his second in the league for the season. Leading the Golden Boot race are Portsmouth's Benjani on seven goals and Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor on six.
'I think Adebayor decided to lose against Mali because of this,' smiles Didier when the Gunners' Togo striker and his goal total are mentioned.
'I am joking because he would have been very happy to be in the African Nations Cup. He is one of the top scorers now and I am not surprised because I know him from France and I know what he can do. Now he is free to score goals, to move and to do what he wants.'
Didier's own rise up the scoring charts last season was credited in part by the player to operating with a strike partner. Most games this campaign have seen him back as the central man in a front three. He is relaxed about it.
'My first season here we played 4-3-3 as well and I scored some goals because I was in good form. I was feeling very well and this season is the same.
'There is no problem for me playing 4-3-3 as long as the wingers can come and help me to create the game and play and create the spaces. It is not difficult when you like to move.
'I love to put my name in the books so I would like be European Golden Boot,' Didier declares as a future ambition. 'Someone can come and win it afterwards but I would like my name to be there.'
Skin Deep
Didier may be able to say yes or no to requests for his time but needed little persuasion to become involved in the Skin single, out this week to coincide with football's Kick It Out week of action on racism.
He told BBC Radio One's Newsbeat during his appearance there:
'It takes time, racism is not only in football. We have to deal with it because this is our world and where we express ourselves every day. In England, I've never really had a problem with racism. Abroad, it's different - it's a case of being educated.
'When people don't know about something, they act differently. The best message is to help them to know that maybe we have something in common.'
Two days on from that interview, he adds:
'It was very easy to say yes, I'll take part, because when I saw the lyrics, the meaning was strong and I love this kind of thing. Also because people expect me to do something like r'n'b and rap and this kind of thing. This is completely different and this is more strong. The message can go.
'The DVD I am launching is about me from leaving Ivory Coast when I was five to being at Chelsea - it is all my life,' he says, moving on to one of the week's other projects.
'It is something we have been working on for two-to-three years and it has good images and very interesting things to see on it. I think it is going be available in England.'
If the producers wish for some more strong images, they could do worse than include those that took place between Didier and the Chelsea support at the end of the game at Middlesbrough, and when he scored against Schalke. They were powerful stuff.
'It is so simple,' Didier insists. 'When you give people the love and the respect they deserve, they give it back to you. I think I have shown Chelsea fans a lot of respect and I think I can even say a lot of love and that is why they show it back to me.
'I am just happy to enjoy myself and play football and share it with the fans. I can only give my best when I share it like this with the fans.'
Skin by Wills and The Willing is out on CD single, limited edition signed blue 7" vinyl and download to coincide with a week of action by football's anti-racism and inclusion campaign, Kick It Out.
If you want a taster, you can watch the music video on YouTube.
The hope is to send this song to the top of the charts, raise money for the Chelsea's official charity partner CLIC Sargent (the UK's largest children's cancer charity) and make everyone aware that racism in today's society is completely unacceptable, all at the same time.
You can order the CD from Amazon or the CD and limited signed blue vinyl from HMV.


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Didier Drogba celebrates his 30th birthday today, and is hoping to mark the occasion with a goal and three points against Derby tomorrow night, the perfect remedy for a disappointing weekend.
The striker missed our FA Cup visit to Barnsley at the weekend with a minor injury, but returns to contention as we look to make ground in the title race against the Premier League's bottom club.
He believes success in other areas will see domestic cup disappointment firmly forgotten.
'I think this is a different competition, and we are disappointed because we lost in the FA Cup, when it would have been the easiest competition to win of the four, and compared to the Carling Cup, but it is finished now, and we have to look in front,' he explained.
'We have to focus on the objective of the Champions League and the league. I want to win the league because it is a great feeling, and we will do anything to win it.'
We are currently eight points adrift of Arsenal, but have two games in hand, against the Rams and Tottenham, in which to reduce the difference. Drogba is perfectly aware of the possibilities.
'We have to win, it is an opportunity for us to take three points and put pressure on our direct opponents,' he said.
'We just have to focus on our games, and come back to the two points if we can, then the race for the title will start. We still have to play them both at home, but we just have to concentrate on our games first, that's what we have to do.'
Our opponents on Wednesday evening sit 16 points from safety, with just 10 points accumulated from 28 games played so far. With just one league victory all season, they are without a win on their travels.
Manager Paul Jewell has already conceded defeat on keeping the team in the top flight, and is looking ahead to a promotion-chasing campaign in the Championship next season. Drogba expects to face a team playing for their Derby futures, determined to prove their worth.
While acknowledging the likelihood of multiple chances, Drogba doesn't believe we should automatically expect the same flood of goals that has seen Liverpool hit six, Arsenal five and Manchester United four in their home games against Derby.
'Derby will come to play a big game at Stamford Bridge like all teams do,' he said, adding: 'It will be difficult. We have to score the first two goals and then score a maximum of goals because maybe goal difference will be important. Maybe it is not as an opportunity to score six or five, but to score goals, as many as we can.'
As for Drogba, who has scored 10 goals in 19 Blues appearances this season, he was clear on what he wanted for his birthday: 'Scoring goals would be good, but I'll be happy to win,' he smiled.
Tickets are still available for the Barclay's Premier League game with Derby on Wednesday night. They can be purchased in person from the box office at Stamford Bridge.

Návštěvnost (03.03. - 09.03.2008)

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Pondeli: 10
Utery: 4
Streda: 6
Ctvrtek: 11
Patek: 9
Sobota: 33
Nedele: 10

Celkem: 83

Didier Drogba - HrÁč RoKu 2006

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Sebevědomí má dostatek. Snad mu to vydrží i na hřišti... Útočník Didier Drogba věří, že by mohl být zvolen nejlepším fotbalistou roku 2006 hrajícím v anglické Premier League. Drogba se v tomto roce blýskl sedmnácti góly a pomohl tak vyhrát Chelsea další titul. "Kdybych neměl cenu pro nejlepšího fotbalistu v Premiership, bylo by to pro mě zklamání," řekl Drogba britským novinářům. "To není ješitnost, ale realita. Věřím, že dnes jsem nejlepší v lize."
"Užívám si nejlepších momentů. Je to zvláštní, ale téměř všechno je pro mě pozitivní. Nádherné. Že jsem jednička ve fotbalovém světě? To neříkám, ale je to možné," tvrdí ostřílený kanonýr The Blues.

Drogba nedávno rozhodl jediným gólem do sítě Newcastlu o postupu Chelsea do semifinále Carling Cupu. Nyní věří, že jeho klub chce v této sezoně vyhrát všechny čtyři trofeje.

"Upozorňuji vás: Chelsea směřuje k vítězstvím ve všech soutěžích. Chceme se zapsat do historie anglického fotbalu," zdvihl prst. "Chelsea je nejlepší klub na světě a já jsem pouze článek v týmu. Věřím, že každý hráč je nepostradatelný. A pak mé góly proti Evertonu a Newcastlu... Nechci být označován jako spasitel Chelsea. Jsme tým a všichni hráči makají pro vítězství. Jsem střelec, a proto jsem asi častěji v novinách."

Drogba rovněž vytáhl před novináři téma: Kdo bude mistr Premiership? "Závod za titulem je pouze mezi námi a Manchesterem United. Zanedlouho budeme vládnout Premier League a ManU bude končit. Na Old Trafford jsme ukázali, že oni nemají takovou sílu jako my. Zápasy přes Vánoční svátky budou rozhodující, ale mluvit o selhání máme zakázané. Tým je velmi koncentrovaný a sjednocený. Je to důvod pro náš úspěch," dodal.

Didier Drogba - info

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Jméno: Didier Drogba Tébily

Datum narození: 11.března 1978

Místo narození: Abidjan, Pobřeží Slonoviny
Výška: 188 cm
Váha: 74 kg
Klub: Fc Chelsea London
Předchozí působiště: Le Mans UC 72, En Avant Guingamp, Olympique Marseille
Přednosti: kompletní útočník má čich na gól a šanci si dokáže vybojovat
Slabiny: Je to docela velký simulant
Číslo dresu: 11
Post: utočník, (1. kapitán reprezentace Pobřeží Slonoviny)
The image “http://www.4thegame.com/media/00/03/48/drogba_didier_cfc_profile_2006.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

DiDiEr DrOgBa??

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TaK rYcHlE hLaSuJtE v AnKeTcE:

MaLeJ, vĚtŠí...

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ve třech letech:
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OrLi PhOtOsHoOt

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OrLi V KlObOuČkU ♥

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OrLaNdO a jEhO pEs SiDo

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5 fOtEk OrLiHo

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